Friday, November 10, 2006

Geek Overload

Google is sucking up my life. A short inventory of all my online activity reveals that most of it is Google-owned or affiliated. Email? Check. Blog? Check. Calendar? Check. Videos? Check.

Just yesterday I discovered the wonders of Google Reader, which is essentially a RSS aggregator, something like Bloglines. Essentially it automatically notifies me when websites (such as blogs) I monitor are updated, as long as they support feeds. Web browsing? Check.

Also new to me were Picasa Web Albums, which offers me an easy way to mass upload my photos. I'd previously avoided doing so because I was too lazy to, but now it's pretty convenient, especially since I was already using Picasa. Photo hosting? Check.

I think I might start on Project 365 myself someday, once I figure out how to best tie it into my blog, as well as when to properly start. In the meantime, some of my memorable pictures will be up on the right hand side of this blog.

I should really get started on my work sometime.


jm. said...

For some reason your old posts have been showing up as new posts on Firefox. Have you been updating them or something?

In any case, I read "London 21" again and:
1> I realised rather belatedly that we are 22 and I still consider JC as a recent event although it ended 4 years ago. (Your post was about councillors and your birthday, so yea.)
2> I remembered your birthday at JD's. (That's-a-lot-of-cake day)

you know who said...