Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dell support

My battery seems to have developed a problem lately - nothing serious, but since it's under warranty I'd figured I should do something about it - and so I made contact with Dell tech support.

What a surprisingly wonderful experience! After my nightmare with Apple, it's truly wonderful to be served by such efficient tech support. It was really as fast as could be expected, given time differences. I'm severely impressed.

130207 0041 I send Dell Singapore (you have to request support from the place you bought it) an email notifying them about my problem.

130207 0206 Dell Singapore replies (while I'm asleep), requests that I check a few things.

130207 0906 I reply. It's about the end of office hours in Singapore, so I don't expect a reply anytime soon.

130207 2357 Dell Singapore replies, tells me Dell UK has been notified to get me a replacement battery, although it might take up to a week. I'm not that optimistic about UK efficiency, so I expect a long wait.

140207 1430 I get a call from Dell UK (no charges for me! as opposed to that useless call to Apple which depleted my phone credit) and have got the battery swap scheduled for tomorrow.

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linnie said...

i dont care what you rocks my world! -pouts-