Friday, April 27, 2007

Easter break summary 1

Backdated post, probably gonna be very brief since it's been months now, but just for the sake of archiving my travels, here goes!

The first trip was to Poland and Hungary, where Yiwen, Kevin and I spent about a week.

Krakow was really nice, and probably the best part about Poland would be that it was so much cheaper than the UK. Prices actually felt like back home in Singapore! The food was pretty good, too.

We did two day trips from Krakow. The first was to Wieliczka Salt Mine. Prior to the trip I'd wondered what the big fuss was over a salt mine, but apparently the workers practically lived there and actually carved out a nice little chapel down there, which was really pretty.

The second was to Auschwitz, the (in)famous concentration camp from the days of the Holocaust. The death of many may indeed be a statistic (as once commented by Stalin), but somehow being there made the tragedy more apparent.

After Krakow we headed to Warsaw. I don't really remember much of it, since we stayed there practically as a stopover - to catch a cheap flight to our next destination. The city was practically destroyed during WWII though, so it was really quite remarkable how it stands today.

Budapest, the next stop in the trip, was a city full of beautiful architecture. I really liked the buildings there.

The one I remember best is probably Matthias Church, which somehow had the most unique (and pretty) interior of any church I've seen in Europe. It was undergoing restoration works when we were there, but I still remember being extremely impressed by it.

I suppose that's the highlights of the trip already. We also went to a spa in Budapest, which was very nice with its heated pools (considering it was still quite cold when we were there), but somehow we didn't take any pictures of the place.It might have something to do with the fact that we weren't carrying any cameras on us while using the pools, though.

Anyway, it's a pretty long post already so I'll probably split the next trip into part 2.

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