Friday, April 27, 2007

Easter break summary 2

Continuing where the previous post left off, here's a brief recap on the Scotland trip that followed.

Lester did half a term of overseas attachment in London, so we arranged to go up to Scotland together, joined by Yiwen. Our first stop was Edinburgh, which I remember being really quite nice, although the major memory was probably the steep price we paid to get into Edinburgh Castle.

We did pay to get into it anyway, mainly to catch the firing of the One O'Clock Gun, but personally I think it was way too overpriced. Still, an experience, I suppose.

Scotland must be home to the most wonderfully unhealthy deep fried foods. We tried a fried Mars bar and a fried pizza, and I suspect my lifespan was reduced by at least an hour just from eating those items. Still, pretty good, at least on first bite.

We also tried climbing Arthur's Seat, the highest (natural) point in Edinburgh. It's an extinct volcano, and (because the path started going downhill for awhile) might not have made it to the top if we hadn't chanced upon a middle-aged couple who told us to continue along the path.

We got a car and began touring the nearby sites, starting with Rosslyn Chapel, which I felt might have been a little overhyped with the Da Vinci Code and all.

A couple of castles and ruins later, we made it to Stirling and the Wallace Monument. At the foot of the monument is a statue which is clearly inspired by Mel Gibson in Braveheart. It is funny. Really.

We made our way up to Balloch, around Loch Lommond, and stayed in a hostel which occupied the building which was preivously the hunting lodge (I think) of some rich person.

There we basically spent our time exploring the Scottish highlands, which were really pretty. I think we did miss out on the stories behind all this, though, from what I've heard from Ailin about her Haggis Adventures tour. Quite possibly I'll go back there one day (maybe with family).

And so, that's how I spent my Easter holiday (with much slacking in between).

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