Saturday, May 19, 2007

Four seasons

No, not the London duck place.

Quite some time ago, Ailin suggested that I should take pictures of the view outside my window at certain intervals to show the passage of the seasons. I've been trying to do that, and today I suddenly got it in my head to try to combine them all with the wonder that is Photoshop.

It's not perfect, could probably do with quite a bit of refinement (I got lazy at the end, while trying to do the ground - story of my life), but I think it's pretty good for a random attempt...


weez said...

am I dumb? why do I only see 3 seasons? =P

lost said...

because summer and spring look practically the same, aside from the existence of flowers =P

(the flowers, from spring, are pasted on top of a summer picture, which is greener than in spring. quite a subtle difference, really)