Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neat Image

My Panasonic FX-07 is quite nice and feature-packed in its own way, but its crappy sensor results in really lacklustre picture quality, especially in low light conditions. I was all prepared to sell it and get a better camera (I still might, actually), but I've discovered Neat Image, which hopefully will be good enough a noise reduction solution (for now, at least).



(If you don't see a difference, even after zooming in, I guess the good news is you won't be needing to upgrade your camera =P)

In other news, Picasa Web now allows embedding of slideshows, so I've updated! So my Project 365 embed (on the right side of the blog) looks nicer now, if slightly less functional - you'll have to visit the actual site to view the captions. But, hey, it's prettier! =P

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