Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So it seems like I've got most of my third year stuff settled already. I've made contact with two supervisors who seem willing to take me on, though I haven't actually met them to discuss things in detail yet. I've pretty much decided on my third year modules, and they seem pretty unpopular so I think I'll probably get them. Although I'm wondering about the Mind and Brain module, which is currently my second choice for the spring term - it sounds pretty interesting on paper, but (as I found out last term) Cognition can get pretty dry when you go into the theories in too much detail.

Aside from settling admin though, I seem to be having trouble getting anywhere with my assessed work this term. A seminar presentation next Wednesday - basically unprepared for. A practical report and essay due in three weeks - I've barely started on the former, and the latter's untouched. An exam one week after those - let's just not talk about it.

Somehow I just really want to go home and enjoy my summer holidays already, though it seems like I might be spending quite a bit of it finishing my TEFL assessed writeup, starting on my final year project, and my MOE school attachment. But hey, it still sounds more attractive than being stuck here, for some reason!

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