Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend break

(I've just made some (backdated) posts about my Poland/Hungary and Scotland trips, you can check them out as well.)

Back from Stonehenge! Pictures up here, and Kenny's got a post on it too, but anyway here's my summary of it all.

Lester just returned from his stint in Tanzania, so he, Kenny and I decided to make a short road trip to Stonehenge. In a nutshell, it was pretty interesting, quite nice to look at, but probably a little overhyped. I would still go, but definitely do not expect an earth-shattering monument.

I'd never actually seen, or even heard, of the white horse hill figures before this trip. They're essentially just giant markings on the ground, made prominent with chalk. Kinda useless, but pretty fun to look at.

Come to think of it, I've never actually touched a cow before, either. The three of us spent quite some time trying to entice them with grass, but it was a futile task - considering that we were hardly the only source of grass in the vicinity.

We stayed over at Bath, which was really very pretty. The University of Bath would actually have been my third choice after York and UCL, and it was kinda interesting to see the place I could have been spending my university years at. I concluded that I'd probably have liked staying there, actually. York's still lovely, of course =P

Finally, a rushed dinner at Kenny's place in Cambridge, before I scooted off to catch my train(s) home.

All in all a very fulfilling trip, it kinda makes me miss home more, actually. All the people I haven't seen for quite awhile... Oh well. Just three weeks more...

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rokey said...

erm...hope the stones beside the highway won't disappoint you.