Sunday, July 08, 2007

Old videos

While restoring my home desktop and perusing the old HDD, I managed to stumble upon some old videos I'd thought were lost forever.

This one's a video made by a (very obviously bored) council exco during one of their meeting days - it essentially involves the rest of the exco (minus Allan) locking Gillian (aka 'The Animal') up. It's not that funny (and cruel, really) looking back at it now, but somehow it was really a hoot back then. Oh well. Guess we've all grown up now. I wasn't directly involved in this, anyway =P

This one's the item that the MOE overseas scholars were made to come up with for our scholarship presentation ceremony. It's really cheesy, but in our defence it had to pass a few rounds of censorship to get to its final cheesy state. As I recall, I was in charge of the soundtrack and props, and had one voice-over line in the skit. Haha.

There're actually more videos I was looking for, but I seem to have lost them for good. Sigh. Lesson of the day - always back things up.

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