Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I've signed up to be a Catechist.

For those who don't know (which might well be the average reader here), Catechism is kinda like the Catholic version of Sunday school. The backstory being, two or three weeks ago there was a little speech made by a current Catechist as part of their recruitment drive, and during his little speech he'd listed some of the other Catechists and surprise - Audrey, who'd taken my class back in 1998-1999 (in preparation for Confirmation), was still there - about 8 years down the road!

That would have been it, but somehow last week thoughts of becoming a catechist started rising up in my head. I guess it's because I'm going into my last year of study already - kinda making plans for when I come back. At the same time, I was wondering how Audrey was doing now, so I thought I should get in touch with her and ask about joining the Catechists, so I sent my church secretariat an email (asking for Audrey's contact), to get the following reply.

What a pleasant surprise? How have you been. I have been thinking of you and wanting to touch base but don't have your contact details. So with your email to Ester - I am glad that I am now in touch with you.

Now I'm not too sure how much of it is being polite and how much is factual, but it's quite a nice email to get lah huh? So, long story short, I met up with Audrey earlier, observed one of her lessons, had a short chat, and filled up an application form.

Coincidentally enough, I also found out that my ex-neighbour (who moved out just last year) is currently heading the Catechists!

I don't often fill my blog with religiousy stuff, and I don't really consider myself a psycho fundamentalist whackjob (not that any of my more religiously-inclined friends are =P), but all this just feels... amazingly fortuitous. I have a strangely remarkable sense of ease about everything, and though I still don't believe that God actually takes the time/effort to plan every single detail of my life for me (I believe there are better things to do, even for an omnipotent being), I'm not opposed to believing that this might be one thing he's done for (to?) me.

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