Monday, August 20, 2007

Evolution of Louis

(Warning: Narcissistic post to follow, in case the post title hasn't already tipped you off.)

I was seeing Ben off at the airport recently (he's headed to Copenhagen for exchange) when his parents remarked that I have not (physically) changed since I was 15.

Now since that is more or less what Ms Florence Lee (my sec 1/2 English teacher) remarked to me at TSPC, along with the highly reassuring "you'll look the same as your students - how're you going to get them to listen to you?", that's given me some cause for worry and reflection. I guess it's not a big issue if I'm teaching primary school kids, but I might still go for secondary school in the end, and I'll definitely prefer to handle secondary kids for Catechism.

So today I had a bit of extra time and proceeded to investigate how my appearance has changed over the years, mostly using class photographs I had lying around nearby.

I'm trying to do this post with the aid of Picasa, so just use the embedded gadget to browse my Wall of Me album. =P

Summary Sheet

Ok fine so I have not changed that much over the years. But I don't look the same either what! It's not my fault I look youthful! Perhaps I am the human incarnation of the fountain of youth! Beauty product companies should pay me good money to examine my genes or something.

Maybe I need to get myself some plastic wrinkles.


aPril said...

heya! thankew for reminding me about the chinese store in york, but i don't know where is it. would you have directions? I'm desperate for all my chinese cooking ingredients! :P

Anonymous said...

yahhh you really hardly change lor! for some strange reason i remember you most as per your 1999 photo... altho i don't think i even knew you then!

Jean said...

plastic wrinkles hahahaaaa......