Sunday, October 07, 2007

I love Vista!

So like this guy, I lost all my files in one folder accidentally. It was a stupid mistake - I was trying to back up my music files onto my home desktop, so I wanted to delete all the files on the desktop and copy the whole folder from my laptop, but I accidentally ended up deleting the laptop music folder instead.

Usually this would just involve a quick trip to the Recycle Bin to remedy, but my recycle bin is set to 8GB and I happen to have more music than that - so effectively quite a few of the files were lost. I was despairing for a moment when I recalled Windows Vista's shadow copy function, through which I managed to restore my music folder to what it was like yesterday.

This is the first time I'm actually thankful for having upgraded. =P

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Sirius said...

I think its also possible to recover deletion on older versions of Windows or any Operating System, with the help of additional Software. Its smart to include this recovery program in Vista. =)