Monday, December 31, 2007

Project 365, 2007

It is done.

Phew. At last. My life doesn't seem exciting enough to sustain a picture a day. I've cheated on quite a few occassions, actually. Heh. Don't think I'm about to start a p365 for 2008. Sticking to Facebook for random events might be easier after all =P

I guess this replaces my annual New Year reflection post, then. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all... here's my 365,000-word essay, then!

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vanilla sister said...

congrats ;) i'm working on uploading the remainder of my photos for 2007... will be done too, soon!

i also don't think i'll do it for 2008 cos there were quite a few days when i really had to stretch my imagination to find a photo. but one thing i'll definitely keep from doing it this year is the photo-taking habit. my camera used to sit at home unused all day long and i missed so many good photo opps in the past. will definitely take more photos in the coming year :)