Saturday, December 22, 2007

日本の形 (The Japanese Tradition)

So it all started with Yiwen sending me the link to this video on how to use hashi (chopsticks). I thought it was really funny so I searched for more in the series (apparently there're quite a number, although I've only found a few that are subbed).

Since I'm in Japan and all it seems only fitting that I watch (and blog) about this, though watching them all has effectively killed about an hour of my life. Haha.

They all start relatively seriously (I actually thought it was a real documentary at first), but get progressively ridiculous and funny. Watch them if you have time - they're really quite a hoot!

This is a list of episodes and links to the few subbed versions I've found online, hopefully I'll be able to see them all one day ([J] links to the unsubbed versions I've found, you can try watching if you're bored or if you actually understand Japanese).

The Japanese Tradition 「日本の形」
Hashi 「箸」
Origami 「折り紙」
[J] Obon-Yasumi 「お盆休み」
[J] Natsu Yasumi 「夏休み」
[J] Onigiri 「おにぎり」
[J] Ocha 「お茶」
Shazai 「謝罪」
Utage 「宴」
[J] Tejime 「手締め」
[J] Dogeza 「土下座」
[1][2][3][4] Kosai「交際」

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