Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Need for NS in Singapore

I came across this site in my web surfing. The post itself was nothing new - that NS deters immigrants from settling in Singapore.

There were some interesting comments though, here's one that caught my eye.

Singapore: 683 square miles, 4.5M population
Malaysia: 329,750 square miles, 24.8 M population
Indonesia: 1,826,440 square miles, 234,694 population

By my count, Singapores neighbors have over 52,000 times the population, and 3,100 times the land area. So, you basically have a tiny nation that once belonged to one of her neighbors. Those two neighbors which, in turn, have gone to battle over territories on numerous occasions. Add to this the fact that (1) Singapore is significantly wealthier than both Malaysia and Indonesia, (2) Singapore is 70% Chinese, and (3) Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia are generally regarded as greedy exploiters who steal wealth from the nation.

Singpore is basically Israel minus the religion. If there's a situation where compulsory military service might be justified, this is it.

I've always supported the idea of compulsory NS in Singapore, even though I'd really disliked my own stint (in a personal capacity). However, these numbers do kind of bring a kind of empirical backing to the fuzzy idea that yes, we do need a credible defence force. (Although on rereading the numbers, apparently the posted has misinterpreted Indonesia's 234,694K population as 234,694M. The actual factor for population should be about 58x, I think.)

Also spotted was this totally hilarious comment, apparently from a Brit.

Just 4.5 million, eh? Right boys, here's the deal. Leave that rather dangerous spot of yours and all come to Britain. You can "make room" in our tight little islands by paying large numbers of rather unwelcome immigrants to bugger off. You will find that whatever their faults, the British are exceedingly unlikely to murder you all. And we certainly need lessons in high educational standards, an economically literate elite and a bit more civility in society.

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