Monday, January 14, 2008

OSX for PC?

So Shan and Lin were discussing their Macs yesterday and I thought back to the simple days of using OSX. Thinking back, I rather liked OSX really, and with a desktop PC back home in Singapore, I won't really be needing a gaming laptop (with Windows) next year. Plus now that OSX is designed for Intel chips, there's a whole lot more flexibility offered where applications are concerned.

My Dell is currently less than 2 years old, though, and I don't particularly relish the though of paying for a new machine I don't really need, particular since hardware-wise it is actually more powerful than a MacBook. So after a little Googling, I've discovered that OSX Leopard has already been hacked for PC installation.

I was tempted to try it immediately, but it seems a risky thing to do - I'll probably give it a go during the Easter break, when I'm back in Singapore and can backup my data first. Who knows, if it works well (I'm not too hopeful, but who knows?), I might even make it my primary OS.


lin said...

Don't use hacked version, come back to oh our lovely arms of Mac.

Thou shalt only use Mac.

There Linny the Great has spoken. Get yourself a Mac. Come on!


rok said...

so lin told me to read this post...

ey, if im rich i will get a mac pro too, it's just that with half the money i got myself an ibm(lenovo), and can play any game 3 years ahead of a mac user... see now, im not racist ;)

Anonymous said...

just get a mac. sheesh. its legit to dual boot and u get warranty. - weiii