Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sushi sights

Spotted at kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi.

Whale meat, apparently. First tipped off by the strangely red colour of the meat ("ey that kinda looks like beef huh?"), we later realised that the kanji contains '鲸', which is... well, whale.

I'm not the whale protector type or anything, but I'm not really a fan of putting raw mammal meat into my mouth. It's probably just the way we were brought up - as Ailin'd pointed out, a French person would probably not have had any problem giving it a try. I am rather curious how it tastes, though. Hmm.

Oyako sushi, literally 'mother-and-child'. It's not too clear in the picture, but that's salmon meat and salmon roe on the sushi. Funny stuff. It's also helped Ailin realise where oyako-don gets its name from. The Japanese have a wicked sense of humour! =D

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