Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Lufthansa might not have a good in-flight entertainment system, but it's sure got popular beer (among the other passengers, anyway). Everyone left right and centre seemed to be asking for their German beer, so I asked for one too. I can't really tell good beer from bad so I've no idea how this one was, but it didn't seem too horrible I suppose.

I'm tired from all that travelling. Probably will rest now and start whacking my literature survey for the next 2 days. Wheeeee. I guess this now counts as my annual New Year post. The mood would probably have passed by the time I'm free to do a proper one, anyway. Will try to do a summary blog post about Japan sometime, though.

As a sidenote, it causes a surprising amount of discomfort when hordes of little ice pieces fall from the sky onto exposed skin. Thank goodness for zip-on hoods, although that still left the face inadequately protected. What glorious weather to experience while walking back to my block. Zzz.

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