Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Today is the 29th February. I have a friend who was born in 1972, who insists that today he will turn 9. It's not an argument worth having.... But the 29th February gives us each an opportunity to think back, and to think ahead.

So let me ask you, where were you four years ago on the 29th Feb? More importantly, who were you? What were the decisions and challenges facing your life? When you looked in the mirror, how did you feel about who you saw? What were your hopes, and your fears? Where were you in making sense of God and faith?

I received this email from the University Chaplaincy. I think it was supposed to spark off some insightful introspective exercise, but since I was still doing BMT back on 29 Feb 2004, I suspect the predominant thought would have been "KNN, how come got leap year during my service time, now have to serve one extra day..."

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Anonymous said...

hahaha that IS quite suay. i didn't particularly pay attn, but i just realised that my 29 feb was a pretty fab day. yay :)