Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cold and crispy

Just awhile ago, it was a crazy sort of windy, and then it became a crazy (to an equatorial boy like me, anyway) sort of cold. The ducks seemed a little confused, they weren't too sure whether to walk or to swim.


It's since warmed up somewhat, but now it's back to a crazy sort of windy once more. So much so that when the recent earthquake struck, I'd shrugged it off as something the wind blew into my block. Or something crazy my neighbours were doing. I chalk this off to earthquake ignorance - this was really the first time I've experienced any sort of seismic tremors, I think.

(If I were ever at the epicentre of an earthquake, I'll probably just sit around grumbling about the shoddy architecture before it occurs to me to run out of the collapsing building.)


Costcutter is having a sale for Walkers Sensations right now (2 for the price of 1 - that's about 75p per pack, woohoo!), and obviously no amount of crazy winds was about to prevent me from getting my fair share of crisps. Alas, availability of stock was the one factor I was unable to combat, and it's only today that I was able to grab a half-dozen from them (leaving 4 packs on the shelf). I would have grabbed more (I need lots of crisps during exam revision, or so I tell myself), but was limited by the amount I could comfortably carry on me while cycling.

Curse limited bag space!

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