Monday, March 24, 2008

Humid doughnuts

sg york weather

I suppose Singapore's as hot and humid now as it's always been, but having left the UK while it was still cold (don't believe the people who tell you that winter's ended, they lie!), I'm actually quite happy to be in this perpetual sauna.

What's more, the high humidity allows me to survive without applying moisturiser, as I used to during the first 21 years of my life. TAKE THAT, NIVEA! YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY MORE MONEY FROM ME!


Donut Factory Box Donuts!

Things have been changing even in the shops near my house - Donut Factory, of superlongqueue-at-cityhall fame, has opened a branch at Novena Square. Having never tried it before, and seeing that the queues at this branch were a lot shorter (wonder how long it'll last), I decided to give it a try - it's pretty good! Perhaps not as good as Krispy Kreme, this one emphasises the fillings more I think, but still pretty tasty. If somewhat overwhelming.

I've decided that I really like my current neighbourhood, and would really love to live around here in the future... Unfortunately, looking at housing prices these days, I doubt I'll be able to afford a place nearby anytime soon. Plus the prospective housemate doesn't seem that charmed by it, hmmph.

Oh well. Still quite some time to go before I'll be able to start thinking seriously about my own housing, I think.


char said...

interestingly enough, york appears to be more humid than singapore is!

lost said...

yeah that is a little weird, but again i wouldn't trust those numbers... THEY LIE! THEY LIE!


yellowlemonie said...

i think the humidity is lower in singapore because of the rain - thunderstorm being caused by low pressure, yada yada....

and forward planning eh? *wink* =)