Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MWBS wiki guide (in beta)

MWBS Air Battle

It's the first week of my Easter break now, and although I'm no longer as enchanted by Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations! as I used to be (I suspect it's got something to do with having completed the last examinations of my undergraduate degree), I'd already started on this project so I figured I might as well just bring it to completion. Besides, there're some other people who'd started helping out with content generation, so I've kinda become obliged to ensure it's launched sometime.

So here it is, the MWBS Wiki guide that I've been working on (still in the works, but at a stage decent enough for private exhibition I think). I spent a couple of hours tweaking the layout, really happy with the way it went. Well, much of the prettiness comes from the title graphic, and that consisted mainly of pasting and smoothing different pictures together, but the end product's still nice enough to satisfy me.

I've also decided to put the ads at the bottom of the page even though they probably won't get many (any?) clicks, because I decided it was really too ugly when I'd put it at the top. And after working for so long on the aesthetics of the site, I guess design > money, at this stage.

Besides, I've only earned 71 cents from Adsense so far, somehow I doubt it's about to become a cash cow for me any time soon, heh.


rokey said...

why does it have a wordpress feeling rather than wiki-ish?

lost said...

probably because the buttons are hidden into the page instead of being loud and jarring.

i wonder if that's a problem, haha.