Thursday, March 27, 2008

Impulse buy

So I went down to Sim Lim Square today to get myself an ink cartridge (stupid mistake - it might be cheaper, but with so many goodies on display, I usually end up spending more anyway).

notepal infinite

So I am now the proud owner of a Cooler Master NotePal Infinite. I'd decided to get a notebook cooling pad because I've noticed my laptop keeps slowing down when playing games, even after upgrading to 2GB RAM (from 1GB), so I figured it was probably overheating. So while looking for a colour ink cartridge today I chanced upon this product and was entranced. It also allows for comfortable (literal) lap-top usage, which is another reason why I got it without much thinking.

So after coming home and checking out some positive reviews, I'm pretty happy with the purchase - except that I'd probably overpaid for it. Sigh. But it's a pretty good investment all in all, hopefully that's the end of slowdowns while playing games! =P

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