Monday, March 31, 2008


My notebook's hard disk has apparently crashed. On the very first day I arrived in Japan, no less (it died on Saturday night). There's no HDD detected when it boots up, and it makes a clicking noise while (apparently) trying to access the disk.

I've emailed Dell Singapore and hopefully they're able to arrange something with the technicians like they did when I was back in the UK, but I'm not too hopeful given language barriers and all.

I guess in the worst case, I'll just buy a new HDD myself and get the spoilt one replaced when I'm back in Singapore (thus ending up with one extra HDD). Maybe I'll buy a casing and have myself an external HDD at last? Who knows? Maybe I'll even use it to boot OSX haha. Wonder if my notebook supports booting from a USB device...


pep said...

hey you! just dropping a note to say i miss ya! uh, ive been having tech problems of my own. and york is useless when it comes to these things. really. useless. but anyway, enjoy your stint in nihon-go. nihon-jin? nihon?

lost said...

nihon = japan
nihon-go = japanese (language)
nihon-jin = japanese (people)

i think. anyway dell japan's called me already, wow! could barely hear him though, hope he got my address right.