Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dell support 2

Say what you will about inferior build quality, but Dell's customer service is truly excellent. So here's what's happened in the past few days, with a rather amusing mix up.

Tuesday - Dell Japan called me. They arranged for on-site service, the engineer needed to speak with a Japanese-speaker to arrange for a time for servicing, so I directed them to Ailin who got help from a colleague.

Wednesday - I receive a package with the new HDD inside. I'm a bit confused since the engineer's only supposed to come the next day, but I decide to replace it myself anyway.

Thursday - The engineer arrives, is a little surprised that the problem's fixed already (though he looked relatively pleased that he didn't have to do anything), fills up a few forms and picks up the spoilt HDD.

hdd swap

How was I supposed to know that a replacement part addressed to me was meant to be put aside for the engineer to use, right? =P

In fact, Dell's customer service has been so wonderfully efficient I'm actually a little sad to be switching back to Apple. If only Dell sold Apple products and provided their own follow-up service, haha. Oh well.


lukas said...

i just got my powerbook motherboard replaced actually... for a faulty DVI port... hehe... got it replaced before my Apple Care ran out, so i guess it was quite worth it, although it meant sending my laptop in - but well, i was in Norway anyway...

yellowlemonie said...

hmm.. that's weird.. that's logged on as my friend, whom i've signed out of his gmail account already...

lost said...

if i remember correctly i'd replaced the powerbook motherboard twice, my dell battery once, and dell HDD once while on warranty. i seem to have this affinity for making notebook warranties worthwhile, somehow.

i think i'll prefer notebooks that don't go wonky, though.