Wednesday, April 09, 2008

#%!$ scammers

So i got a call from +868712249705 recently. Forgetting that I'm overseas (and thus paying roaming charges), I instinctively answered the phone and lo and behold, a Chinese started speaking on the other line. I've been getting quite a lot of this crap lately (on my Singapore line), so I just said "What? Sorry? Can you speak English?" and hung up.

On retrospect, I think that was being too kind, that idiot probably wasted nearly a dollar of my calltime.

In the future, I'll just keep in mind to ignore all calls from +86 (China) numbers, and to feign inability to understand Mandarin should I accidentally pick up any such call, especially with so many scams floating around.

Hope I stop getting so many scammy calls, I'd hate to change my phone number. Have had it for seven years now, after all.

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rokey said...

haha, it's getting so bad now. my parents didn't pick up my call few times, because IP phone appears to have random numbers... the rule of thumb in china now is not to pick up calls from numbers unknown...!