Monday, April 14, 2008

Still alive

Here's a shot from Miyajima, just to let everyone know that, well, I'm still alive. =D

I think I'm done with travelling around Japan for this trip (not that I've done very much of travelling - just a weekend trip to Hiroshima, and more recently another busy weekend going to Yokohama for a Jack Johnson gig). It's been exciting enough, but I think I'm kinda drained from it all (Old already, no more stamina for all this moving about).

Plus, I really need to get working on my project...

So, guess I'll just be bumming around (and hopefully doing some readings and statistical analyses) in my remaining two weeks in Japan. Doesn't sound too bad, really.


jm. said...


Anonymous said...

i think your windbreaker is too big.

lin said...

Who's this anon?
The windbreaker is an institution, dont diss the windbreaker. =P