Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time goes by

Was it really two years ago now, that I first settled into my room in D Block and had people marvel at the size of my en-suite toilet, that I started going to church again and eventually rediscovering God, that I started cooking (and buying too many prawns because they were on offer), that I started making new friends and embarking on new relationships?

It doesn't feel that way, but the calendar shows otherwise. I'm back in York, but things have changed. I guess most of my closer friends here are gone now, or have moved further away, and it feels like I should start from scratch once more. Yet at the same time there is little drive to - I'll only be here for half a year more, how likely am I to forge anything permanent?

There are simply too many.

Time flies, even though we seldom think so until we look back at the past, and before I know it I'll be 30. I wonder where I'll be, then?


lin said...

When you are 30 (me 28) we shall sit with friends over a cup of coffee (or potluck mixes) and laugh at ourselves now. Sounds like a good plan?


vanilla sister said...

i actually remember sitting in that starbucks with you... gosh. and it was when we didn't really know each other that well yet. -nostalgic-

Jason said...

Hey dude how are u man? I'll hit 30 1st so u dun need to worry, i'll tell u all about how it will suck when i get there...hurhurhur

- Ahwong