Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zesty Lemon

Because I really like cheesecake (a lot), and M&S was selling this at half-price (£1.99), I decided to get it. The thought process went something like this.

"Half a kilo of cheesecake for S$6?" -0.00273s interval- "BUY!"

Actually I'd already seen it last week, but I hadn't expected the offer to still be on when I went to M&S today. But, oh well. Extra dessert, extra calories, you win some you lose some.


jm. said...

haha. that's a lot of cake.

so are the bag and the mecha still surviving?

lost said...

half kilo isn't a lot. unless you were referring to the 2005 cheesecake fiasco. then yes, that's a lot =P

i brought the mecha here for my first year, but it's kinda big and fragile to keep so i left it at home after that. still lurvin' it.

the bag, notsomuch. after a year of use i've realised that i much prefer backpacks (even if they look dorkier) as a method of carrying stuff around. it's still around somewhere, though...